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Full Service Marketing Agency

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Security & Compliance

Fun Facts

Sign: Leo (yes…I look like a lion with my long mane)
Food: Baby Rawhide Bones from Walgreens and anything appetizing for a snack in the garbage or left on the floor
Drink: Water
Music: Anything that is playing on my mom’s laptop
Creature: My old best friend Laddie Daddy
Color: Browns, whites and some black, along with a red collar to accent all my colors
Who inspired me when growing up?  My one and only mom, Michelle Nelson

Who do you look to for inspiration? My mom again and sometimes Laddie Daddy because he has seen it all at age 17!

I have been in the security and compliance field for over 7 years now and I have worked with Michelle for the entire 7 years. I love what I do and hope that life brings me satisfaction for a long time. Protecting the office, making sure that everything is in check and compliant are my daily duties. I scout every corner of the facility to make sure there are no unexpected security breaches. I try not to lie down on the job too much because there are always suspicious characters outside lingering on the grass. I hope that I have many more years with B2B Marketing and hope to continue gaining awesome rewards (my favorite rawhides) for doing a great job.