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B2B Marketing spends extensive time reviewing, researching and brainstorming marketing plans for each client. Whether your just looking for a new website or your needing a full package rebrand, B2B’s Marketing team diligently reviews every opportunity in marketing executing stellar plans with real results.

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Shirlene Reeves

Shirlene Reeves


The concept was brought to life by the B2B Marketing, which depicted what Shirlene Reeves is all about. Her image is spiritual with a bold visual on how she can help people make their business, lifestyle, wealth, and family more successful. B2B also brought in colors of gold to give a feel of strength and success. The client wanted her new eBook to shine and create exposure with hopes that her viewers will follow her blog page. Each of these brings continued excitement about the client's next blog post, enhancing her followers and building a large fan base.

Shirlene Reeves


Colors, elements and typography brought together an impactful visual design. With several concepts to choose from, the execution of the design was brought forth with many ideas and colors. Adding video animation to the site along with retirement formulas for interactive play, viewers were given a fun learning experience.

With the new eBook, blog, and many services the client has to offer, we wanted to enhance those areas and highlight important topics. This included her email opt in fields and building a large fan base with important details that the client felt were most important. This resulted in much needed exposure for her new eBook!

Shirlene Reeves


The results were successful and her new site was glowing with goodness and all the elements followed through seamlessly. Her eBook has a successful download rate, and her branding follows through with new media, eBlasts, promotions, and other areas of marketing. All of it encompassing the original concepts, which continues to drive people to her website. Her blog fan base has grown and her followers love what they are reading.

Client Testimonials

“I really like it.  Great job team.  You are amazing.  I've been telling everyone about your team. You are right on!” - Shirlene R.