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B2B Marketing spends extensive time reviewing, researching and brainstorming marketing plans for each client. Whether you're just looking for a new website or your needing a full package rebrand, B2B’s Marketing team diligently reviews every opportunity in marketing executing stellar plans with real results.

Primary Eye Care
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Primary Eyecare Network

Primary Eyecare Network


The concept was to bring a focus to the eye and look into the future for PEN at their large PIO event. Our team collaborated on many ideas and had a vision to bring in bright vibrant colors with a 3D effect. We also wanted to encompass a feel and look that targeted the majority of the demographic that attends the event. After several conference calls and some extensive thought in design, beautiful ideas were created.

Primary Eyecare Network


It was a challenge for our team to create the design from the original concept as the client requested 5-6 designs as well. Many hours of creative brainstorming brought together several ideas for our client to choose from. Primary Eyecare Network spent extensive hours preparing for this event and brought people together from all over the world to experience it. The piece needed to tell a story and leave a lasting impression with an opportunity they would not want to miss.

Primary Eyecare Network


Six designs were presented and there were elements the client loved about each and every one, but only one truly captured their message. Design number six won by a majority vote. After making the final decision, all other collateral reflected that design through social media, email blasts, banners, invitations, flyers, posters and more.

The event was a success and PEN and they were extremely happy with the response that was driven after many hours of planning and extensive marketing ideas.

Client Testimonials

“The overall design was phenomenal. The colors and impact it gave each piece were a “for sure” to drive business. We were happy with the design and execution of all the marketing collateral with B2B Marketing. They were great to work with and attention to detail and deadlines was right on.”